Thursday, 14 July 2016


    Life is  now not a bed of roses, at least, completely and that was proven within the official trailer of Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay. Starring  Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan, the trailer pop out to be packed with overloading emotions and thrills.

    The tune play within the backdrop actually gave goose bumps! Despite the fact that Sajal Aly is already splendid but she looks awesome in western in addition to jap avatar. In addition to Feroze Khan our very very own Flynn Rider looks no much less dashing as he went via the motion packed trailer perfectly with style.

    The trailer specifically portrayed Sajal and Feroze as a pair deeply  in love but having their very own desires and aims for existence, as a result  their dating went on aloof as trailer went on.

    They argue seriously and as shown, break up up later. They seem to have a child  too, who is shown deeply disturbed, both due to his mother and father separation or his father's disappearance. Below the in a position direction of Anjum Shahzad and production with the aid of RC movies and kingfisher films, the movie written with the aid of Abdul Khaaliq Khan will hit the theaters this 12 months.

    Sunday, 14 February 2016

    My New Blog For Ramadan Cover Photos

    Recently I've created new blog where I will share facebook cover photos for Ramadan but now a days my main priority is to target Ramadan 2016 Cover Photos. I have shared there a lot of facebook cover photos on my blog which people can use for coming Ramadan 2016.

    While that blog is still under construction so, I will need some useful and precious suggestions from your side that what should I add into blog which can help me to get targeted audience for Ramadan 2016 photos.

    Please visit my blog at and tell me that which type of changes it require and what new should  be included in it?

    Wednesday, 1 July 2015

    I Will Take The Side of Hamza Ali Abbasi Against the Imaan Mazari

    Today I was writing an article on about the Facebook Status of Hamza Ali Abbasi was Right or Not? so, at that time of writing I thought that I should also take the part in social media war between the Hamza Ali Abbasi and Imaan Mazar. Before going deep I want to share the facebook status of Hamza which made the social media a battle ground now a days.

    WOW...I am surprised by the level of criticism, curse words and insults i have recieved from the same "liberal" people...
    Posted by Hamza Ali Abbasi on Sunday, June 28, 2015

    Why I Support Hamza Against Imaan:

    Many people left bad comments on the status while some of them posted right comments and took the favor  of Hamza Abbasi but the real war started when Imaan Mazari gave her entry. Actually I don't want to discuss anything about her but I just want to say that from her tweets its seems that Imaan is homosexual or something what, I already mentioned in my other article. You can see what she was trying to share on her twitter account;

    Now being a Muslim girl is it good for her to share this kind of thing? Nay its not good to share this kind of stuff on her social media platform because it may have wrong impact on our youth. When I was reading her this tweet I read a reply of a girl who said to her "Wow you are a strong girl I want marry you

    Just for a one time read the  Imaan's above tweet where she mentioned "Good job, America!!" is not she wants to say that she is happy on this act? and also this phrase give us another clue that may be she is lesbian. whatever I don't want to discuss it anymore.

    As people are showing Rainbow Flags on above tweet and on social media people uses Rainbow Flag as their Display Picture of the account. Now I want to share the picture of boy whom I found in the tweet of Imaan Mazari.

    The rainbow color on his display picture is showing that He is Gay. I don't like to mention his name but want to tell about that he has wrote a poem for the Gay Marriage. After seeing his picture I was very disappointed on him and realize that Hamza Ali Abbasi is a patriotic person and his all status about all this were right and thats and that is the reason why I am taking side of Hamza Ali Abbasi. 

    Some people were saying that He is doing this for becoming popular then I want to tell those people that he is Famous indeed but the Imaan Mazari wants to be famous whom no one knew before this controversy. Lets see what will be happened.

    Friday, 19 June 2015

    How to Stop Our Fingers for Searching Wrong Things on Internet

    Internet is being widely used on the daily basis. We can make communication with any person from anywhere in the world by using internet. We can make audio calls , video calls and can do many thing more. If i talk about our daily life then all of us watch television in our homes and now we can watch world wide T.V channels on the internet.
    Don't Search Wrong Things on Internet

    Internet says that;

        "You Say It and I have it for You"

    Its mean that we can find anything on the internet. Shortly it made our world a global village.

    Everything have good qualities and bad qualities too and this case is equally true for the internet because it has also many dermatitis. Many people say that "Internet is destroying our generation" but this thing is totally wrong because it will provide us things which we search for.

    Internet don't have any fault but the real fault which we can't find is hidden in our minds and in fingers. Today I will show you how can we stop our fingers to search wrong things on internet like pornographic images videos and some other content which have bad effects on us. So here I go,

    #1: Watch Islamic Videos:

    This is the best method for avoiding wrong things. here are millions of Islamic videos on YouTube which includes Quranic verse and translation and Islamic lectures of many great scholars & other historical videos of Islam.
    Note: Youtube is banned in Pakistan but you can use "Playit.Pk" to make watch all videos of YouTube.

    #2 Join Study Forums:

    You should join different study forums to know that how other students are doing their work. If you have any question related to your studies then you can post your question and any member of the forum will answer for your question, But don't forget or ignore to answer the questions of other students.

    #3 Start Blogging:

    Blogging is something by which we can pass our time in a interesting way and we can make money also with blogging. If you want to start blogging then make a free blog on by using your google account. Daily post some articles on the blog then put ads by Infolinks, Chitika and Adsense on your blog. But make sure that you are not posting vulgar or bad posts on your blog for sake of getting traffic or money.
    Final Words:
    So, it was my article on the topic of "How to Stop Our Fingers for Searching Wrong Things on Internet" and above i mentioned three steps for this purpose and if you follow any of them by your heart then i am sure you will be succeeded to leave wrong things on internet.

    Thursday, 18 June 2015

    Dekho To Kabhi Meri Ankho Mein Zara

    Zaib Abbasi Poetry

    دیکھو تو کبھی میری آنکھوں میں زرا
    خواب منتظر ہیں کتنے، میری نیند کے

    Dekho To Kabhi Meri Ankhon Mein Zara
    Khuwab Muntazir Hain Kitne, Meri Neend Kay

    Ro Na Tu Maa Got 137 Plays on Sound Cloud

    Two months ago I uploaded "Ro Na Tu Maa" (Which we dedicated to victims of Peshawar Attack)  on soundcloud which got 137 plays. This song was written by me and sung by my class fellow Muhammad Hamza. I know 137 plays are not enough and you will laugh after reading my this post. But wait We these 137 plays are enough for us because we have conveyed our message to 137 peoples. And Six of them have downloaded our song which is great pleasure for me.

    I also request you to listen and download Ro Na Tu Maa song :)

    Friday, 12 June 2015

    A Year Away From Home | My Story of Hostel Life

    After the three days from the time of writing this story my first year of hostelized life will be completed. While before coming to Rawalpindi I was thinking that "How I will spend days in hostel" and first time ever in my life I went out from my home for education but I spend these days in a Fantastic Way. So, here I am going to share my story.

    First Day At Hostel:

    It was my first day at hostel and I got Two Seater room but none was there in the room except me but at night another boy came, so I thanked to ALLAH that i will no more feel sadness. Day was going very fast and slowly slowly I got many friend  who are still in contact with me.

    If I talk about Food of hostel then I will say; "Its just good". As I was childish person in my home but there I have to eat everything but I kep my behavior same.

    One thing which was very funny. Near to my hostel there was a promotional event by "Tarang" and I also went in the event & sung a rap song but after my performance everyone said; "Subhan Allah". In short those days were just amazing.

    College Life:

    I was very excited for going to college like all other students. So when the  first day I went to college it was a slow day of my life but was little bit strange for me because all faces were unseen to me and I was the only student of session which came from Haripur.

    Mam Hira came in the class and asked us to give introduction. So, I told about me that I came from Haripur and studied in GCMH School in english then mam said;" Is tarah Introduction dete hain"

    Study was on the peak and one day I read announcement of Slection of CRs. I also submitted for and after interview I became the CR of my class. In start I was little strict but after sometime I became friendly because I got to knew the nature of Pindi boys.
    After sometime I became the friend of whole class and also made friendship with students of other classes and seniors.
    While writing about college if I don't mention about superior night then  it will be  unfair with it. Our team was "Blue Team" and for our team i made parody song by changing some lines from the original song "Main aa Gaya". I also participated in evry item except dance and singin, but unfortunately I couldn't perform any thing 


    I am unable to write all thing about my teachers and how can I write about such great personalities. I got best teacher which are Sir Ishtiaq, Sir Nauman, Sir Zafeer, Sir Zafar, Mam Hira, Mam Nazneen & Mam Aiman. Tough Sir Amir was not my class teacher but he is my teacher of poetry. I learned a lot of things about poetry from him. Its a great pleasure for me that I am student of  Superior Teachers.

    Trip To Kashmir & Murree:

    I think that trip was the best trip of my life with my kingdom (ICS). We had enjoyed  a lot and also made the plenty of fun with eachother. Specially my one line got viral when I said the "I love Beauty of Kashmir" while my fellows then used that word for lake view.

    I forgot to write many things which should be mentioned :( At last I travailed on Metro Bus after the long wait of a year.

    So, this was my story about hostel life where I met people of different states, cities.