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How to Stop Our Fingers for Searching Wrong Things on Internet

Internet is being widely used on the daily basis. We can make communication with any person from anywhere in the world by using internet. We can make audio calls , video calls and can do many thing more. If i talk about our daily life then all of us watch television in our homes and now we can watch world wide T.V channels on the internet.
Don't Search Wrong Things on Internet

Internet says that;

    "You Say It and I have it for You"

Its mean that we can find anything on the internet. Shortly it made our world a global village.

Everything have good qualities and bad qualities too and this case is equally true for the internet because it has also many dermatitis. Many people say that "Internet is destroying our generation" but this thing is totally wrong because it will provide us things which we search for.

Internet don't have any fault but the real fault which we can't find is hidden in our minds and in fingers. Today I will show you how can we stop our fingers to search wrong things on internet like pornographic images videos and some other content which have bad effects on us. So here I go,

#1: Watch Islamic Videos:

This is the best method for avoiding wrong things. here are millions of Islamic videos on YouTube which includes Quranic verse and translation and Islamic lectures of many great scholars & other historical videos of Islam.
Note: Youtube is banned in Pakistan but you can use "Playit.Pk" to make watch all videos of YouTube.

#2 Join Study Forums:

You should join different study forums to know that how other students are doing their work. If you have any question related to your studies then you can post your question and any member of the forum will answer for your question, But don't forget or ignore to answer the questions of other students.

#3 Start Blogging:

Blogging is something by which we can pass our time in a interesting way and we can make money also with blogging. If you want to start blogging then make a free blog on by using your google account. Daily post some articles on the blog then put ads by Infolinks, Chitika and Adsense on your blog. But make sure that you are not posting vulgar or bad posts on your blog for sake of getting traffic or money.
Final Words:
So, it was my article on the topic of "How to Stop Our Fingers for Searching Wrong Things on Internet" and above i mentioned three steps for this purpose and if you follow any of them by your heart then i am sure you will be succeeded to leave wrong things on internet.

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