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A Year Away From Home | My Story of Hostel Life

After the three days from the time of writing this story my first year of hostelized life will be completed. While before coming to Rawalpindi I was thinking that "How I will spend days in hostel" and first time ever in my life I went out from my home for education but I spend these days in a Fantastic Way. So, here I am going to share my story.

First Day At Hostel:

It was my first day at hostel and I got Two Seater room but none was there in the room except me but at night another boy came, so I thanked to ALLAH that i will no more feel sadness. Day was going very fast and slowly slowly I got many friend  who are still in contact with me.

If I talk about Food of hostel then I will say; "Its just good". As I was childish person in my home but there I have to eat everything but I kep my behavior same.

One thing which was very funny. Near to my hostel there was a promotional event by "Tarang" and I also went in the event & sung a rap song but after my performance everyone said; "Subhan Allah". In short those days were just amazing.

College Life:

I was very excited for going to college like all other students. So when the  first day I went to college it was a slow day of my life but was little bit strange for me because all faces were unseen to me and I was the only student of session which came from Haripur.

Mam Hira came in the class and asked us to give introduction. So, I told about me that I came from Haripur and studied in GCMH School in english then mam said;" Is tarah Introduction dete hain"

Study was on the peak and one day I read announcement of Slection of CRs. I also submitted for and after interview I became the CR of my class. In start I was little strict but after sometime I became friendly because I got to knew the nature of Pindi boys.
After sometime I became the friend of whole class and also made friendship with students of other classes and seniors.
While writing about college if I don't mention about superior night then  it will be  unfair with it. Our team was "Blue Team" and for our team i made parody song by changing some lines from the original song "Main aa Gaya". I also participated in evry item except dance and singin, but unfortunately I couldn't perform any thing 


I am unable to write all thing about my teachers and how can I write about such great personalities. I got best teacher which are Sir Ishtiaq, Sir Nauman, Sir Zafeer, Sir Zafar, Mam Hira, Mam Nazneen & Mam Aiman. Tough Sir Amir was not my class teacher but he is my teacher of poetry. I learned a lot of things about poetry from him. Its a great pleasure for me that I am student of  Superior Teachers.

Trip To Kashmir & Murree:

I think that trip was the best trip of my life with my kingdom (ICS). We had enjoyed  a lot and also made the plenty of fun with eachother. Specially my one line got viral when I said the "I love Beauty of Kashmir" while my fellows then used that word for lake view.

I forgot to write many things which should be mentioned :( At last I travailed on Metro Bus after the long wait of a year.

So, this was my story about hostel life where I met people of different states, cities.

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